In May 2016, Established the Finished Products Division, by integrating the original divisions of air-conditioning, evaporator & condenser, Easyfree fireplace and fresh air system OEM business, and Cumulus air & water treatment.

The Finished Product Division provides commercial air conditioning, mobile air conditioning, air conditioning heat exchangers, ventilation fans, DC/AC household fans, industrial fans, fireplaces, fresh air system and other products. It is composed of the quality control section, production management section, air conditioning workshop, evaporator & condenser workshop, finished product workshop and other departments.

Social responsibility and quality policy of Guangdong Chuangfu Finished Product Division

Social responsibility

Society: Implement the public responsibility, develop in harmony with the society, and make love more powerful

Partners: Honor contracts, maintain credibility, and create long-term cooperation and co-win opportunities

Shareholders: Create the value of sustained growth

Staff: a. Establish the occupational health and safety management system, and protect the health and safety of the employees b. Establish the labour union, and care for the employee c. Establishment the employee charitable fund to help employees in need d. Pay attention to employees’ career development and growth

Environment: a. Create a bright future b. Establish the environmental management system, andimplement the corporate environmental responsibility

Customers: a. Provide customers with a comfortable, healthy life b. Thoroughly implement Q.C.D, and ensure customer satisfaction c. Provide enthusiastic and considerate service, and move the customers

Quality policy

Adhere to quality first, consolidate the basic management; strengthen the continuous improvement; ensure customer satisfaction. Pay attention to environmental protection, prevent pollution, and serve the society. Comply with laws and regulations, take people as the orientation, and ensure safety.

Quality objective

1. Quality management system quality targets

a. Product rejection rate: 0.5% or less b. Number of customer complains: 0 c. Customer satisfaction: 87 points or more

2. Environmental management system quality targets

a. Conformity to noise and sewage discharge standards: 100 points b. Number of violations of toxic and hazardous waste recycling and disposal: 0

3. 3. Occupational health and safety management system quality targets

a. Deaths and serious injury accidents: 0 b. Number of patients subject to occupational disease: 0 c. Fire and explosion accidents: 0