Guangdong Chuangfu Metal Product Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Nissho Iwai Alconix Corporation is one of Guangdong Chuangfu’s largest shareholders, and Guangdong Chuangfu’s other strategic partners include Komatsu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Namekawa Industrial Co., Ltd. In 2011, Hangji Chuangfu became a controlling shareholder of Guangdong Tianle Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd. At present, the company is gradually promoting the development strategy of diversification, grouping and internationalization. The company is mainly engaged in the following business: processing of auto parts, solar power system frameworks, TV brackets and other metal products and parts; manufacturing of communications equipment and special anti-lightning equipment; development and manufacturing of ozone water purifiers, central air conditioning and other high-tech products.

The company has won a series of honors, including “Top ten outstanding enterprises in China’s electronics industry”, “One of China’s first batch of top 100 high-tech enterprises”, “National CAD application engineering demonstration enterprise”, “High-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province”, “Private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province”, “Famous brand in Guangdong Province” and “Contract-observing and credit-valuing enterprise for ten consecutive years”.

With increasing investment in scientific research, and introduction of advanced production technology and equipment, the company’s production scale has been expanding. The company has become a strategic partner of Dongyang, Kyocera, Fujitec, Bamu, Aisin Seiki, Kuwano, Mitsubishi, KMAC, PMAC, GGP and other international famous brands.

The company has formulated the medium & long-term development plan, taking the automotive, communications and new energy as its future development direction, with the aim of building itself into a world-class metal manufacturing and communications equipment manufacturing high-tech enterprise.

Employment is a big global problem today. At present, the employment situation in China is not optimistic: in cities, the number of corporate surplus staff is about 20 million; in rural areas, the number of surplus labor force is about 100 million. It is difficult for university graduates to find jobs, the scale of unemployment keeps increasing, hidden unemployment has become increasingly prominent with the strengthening of enterprise reform, the pressure is growing as the rural surplus labor force leaves their homeland and migrates to non-agricultural areas and cities, new labor force joins in the labor market, and many other factors further worsen the situation, so that China’s employment and unemployment problem is getting worse, re-employment projects are facing severe challenges, and it is difficult to solve the problem.Chuangfu contributes to the society by providing employment opportunities.


Talent is a dynamic concept. Yesterday’s talents may not be able to adapt to today’s fierce competition; today’s talents may not necessarily dominate the future world.


To judge whether an organization is competitive, it is necessary to see whether the organization can maintain its leading position in this rapidly changing social environment, and its only lasting competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster and better than its competitors - learning ability!

Enterprise competition is essentially the competition for talents!

Employees will always be the most valuable resources. Through continuous training, the employees’ value can be increasingly improved, so that the enterprises’ overall competitiveness can be further enhanced. Our company is committed to developing its own human resources, and considers training as the largest investment for obtaining benefits!

Our company has placed the greatest hope for every employee, and your quality can and will surely affect the company’s future!

We provide high-quality and the most cutting-edge training system!

Our goal – Build the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of employees, and gradually establish a learning organization!

Our slogan – Never too old to learn, and continuous training!

We firmly believe that as long as we study hard and work diligently, the company’s future will become more splendid and brilliant!

We introduce talents broadly, lay emphasis on virtue and ability, advocate morality and righteousness, and cultivate personnel while running factory. We make efforts to create employment opportunities for the society and solve the problem of unemployment.


  In the era of knowledge economy, the role of the talents to promote the development of enterprises is more important than ever, and the talents are also growing during work in the enterprises. The relationship between enterprise and talent is interactive, talents rely on enterprises to make progress, and enterprises rely on talents to achieve development. Enterprise is a big stage, which respects personalized development of the talents, and provides opportunities for the talents to show their abilities and achieve their dreams; enterprise is also a school, which takes the cultivation of versatile talents of the era as the goal, provides a learning environment for the talents, and enables further development of the talents. On the other hand, the enterprises can obtain better economic benefits through the efforts of the talents. With an open mind, we continuously absorb various excellent talents, provide equal opportunities, create a harmonious environment, establish an ability-oriented employment mechanism, advocate noble morality, and take control and encouragement as the means, so as to cultivate an efficient, excellent talent team.

We are now recruiting for the following positions:

1. Electronics engineer    2. Motor engineer    3. Structural Engineer    4. Software Development Engineer    5. Reserve Cadres    6. Quality Inspector    7. Production Worker

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