Message from Chairman

Dear employees, colleagues and everyone,

Hangji Chuangfu (Foshan) Metal Product Co., Ltd. was established in March 2009, successfully produced photovoltaic solar metal frames in batches and became a strategic partner of Japanese Kyocera in November 2009, and passed the ISO14001 certification in December 2010, and passed the ISO9001, TS16949 certification in December 2011. After years of development, innovation and expansion, it has become a modern enterprise with strong market competitiveness and innovative vitality. In December 2015, the company was officially renamed as “Guangdong Chuangfu Metal Product Co., Ltd.”.

In the past few years since its inception, the company, adhering to the operating policy of “Solidify basic management, speed up cash flow, ensure product quality and improve the company’s benefits”, has successfully expanded the powder metallurgic finishing project, and created a new situation in automation; completed Hangji-Rifu and Komatsu-Chuangfu new industry linkage, and promoted the adjustment of industrial structure; successfully expanded the small household appliance business, and set up the finished product department. Chuangfu adheres to its commitment to customers, and aim to meet customer needs. Meanwhile, Chuangfu won the honorary title of “Demonstration enterprise of intelligent manufacturing project for 100 enterprises in Shunde District”. Through the joint efforts of all staff, Chuangfu successfully fulfills its annual goal indicators each year, with 98% year-on-year growth in its sales revenue, which further promotes the company’s progress in realization of its strategic goal and lays a solid foundation for the company’s achievement of sustainable development. Chuangfu’s sales have increased from RMB 68 million in 2010 to RMB 0.5 billion in 2016 (8 times of the sales in 2010), which is really amazing.

The past achievements of the company are derived from the joint efforts of all the staff, the strategy determines the direction, and details determine success or failure. To face future opportunities and challenges, we need to continue to work tirelessly, be cautions and conscientious every day, innovate and forge ahead with one mind. Furthermore, we shall take effective measures to tap the internal potential through deepening of internal management, technical innovation, introduction of new technology and new equipment and other aspects, and reduce costs and increase benefits by enhancing technical and economic indicators. We will further improve the incentive and performance management mechanism, enhance the staff execution, build an independent and responsible management team, and improve and implement the funds management work; we will take customer demand as the goal, continuously improve product quality, and ensure stable quality and timely delivery, so as to achieve a win-win situation between the company and customers.

Here, I am very grateful to all the staff and all my colleagues for supporting, cooperating with, trusting and choosing Chuangfu. Chuangfu is willing to work with you for mutual benefit and to progress and develop together.

There are obstacles and barriers ahead, but we are confident and ready to overcome them and achieve new developments. Let’s work together, help each other, forge ahead toward a higher, farther goal and create a better future jointly.


Chairman: Ouyang Tianzhuo